Our team approaches each opportunity with painstaking attention to detail and persistent communication with the customer to ensure that each project gets safely delivered within budget and on time.

Understand the client and end-users’ specific needs to build relationships early and provide the desired product in the most efficient, cost-effective and schedule-sensitive manner possible

Communication, options, competition and trust lie at the heart of our design-assist philosophy. By working closely with stakeholders, designers, and decision makers early in the design cycle we are able to develop a detailed building information model for coordination of materials and methods in the design phase and ensure constructability and cost-effectiveness.

Pre-construction planning, prefabrication, BIM and short-interval planning are core components of our planning and communication on every project.

Each project goes through a comprehensive Pre-Construction Planning process that requires input, review and buy-in from all project team leaders before the job starts.

Our construction process is streamlined with integration of pre-fabrication and building information modeling services. Pre-fabrication planning evaluates all aspects of your project and pre-assembles parts to improve safety and eliminate waste while maximizing productivity and schedule. Building information modeling (BIM) lets our team identify and eliminate potential conflicts before they arise.

Monthly cost-to-complete (CTC) projections and weekly short-interval schedules help us know where the project is – and where it’s headed – at all times.

Maintaining your systems for effortless operation

The best electrical systems are the ones that you don't notice. They just work. At Doyle Electric, our technicians focus on preventive maintenance to minimize the effect that your electrical systems have on your production and profitability.

Our Process is driven by three factors—
schedule, safety and budget.

Planning and teamwork are crucial to getting every project started. Our team thoroughly reviews project specifics, evaluating the possibility for value added engineering, potential for pre-fabrication, and concerns for project safety.

Detailed plans incorporate all aspects of engineering, prefab, budget considerations, scheduling, and more. Changes discussed in earlier planning are also incorporated for a comprehensive approach to the project.

Milestones are reviewed throughout the project to ensure considerations for time, safety, and budget are continuously met. Project leaders meet regularly to optimize based on these reviews.

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