Our technicians focus on preventative maintenance to minimize the effect that your electrical systems have on your production and profitability.

Some clients choose to utilize maintenance contracts to establish regularly scheduled visits, while others opt to have Doyle Electric's expertise on-site at all times. We realize that each client has different needs and we work with each client to meet their unique needs.

Our preventative maintenance can minimize the effect that your electrical systems have on your production and profitability.

We offer a number of testing procedures to provide your with information to manage your electrical system and to plan for capital improvements well ahead of time.

Our electrical service team also offers bucket truck services to install and maintain parking lot lighting and signage.

For more information contact us at 225-367-1740 or service@doyleelectricinc.com

Preventive maintenance capabilities of TEGG Service

Contact our TEGG Services Team for

  • Customized electrical preventative maintenance programs based on NFPA 70B recommendations designed to: minimize the risk of electrical problems that cause business interruption, reduce life safety risks, maximize insurance and regulatory compliance, extend the life of your electrical distribution system, and reduce utility costs.
  • Arc Flash Studies
  • Create, update and maintain accurate one-line diagrams
  • NFPA 70E (Electrical Safety) and NFPA 70B (Electrical Equipment Maintenance) Tranining
  • (2) Level 1 Infrared Thermographers on staff

Other Services

Our services include: True RMS Voltage and Current Testing, Voltage Drop Testing, Infrared Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Harmonics Testing of Voltage and Current, Power Factor Testing, Visual and Mechanical Inspections, and Phase-Balance Testing. All preventive maintenance test and predictive testing results are recorded electronically, providing you with an asset management platform that simplifies regulatory compliance and allows proactive management of your facility’s most valuable assets.


Our Process is driven by three factors—
schedule, safety and budget.

Planning and teamwork are crucial to getting every project started. Our team thoroughly reviews project specifics, evaluating the possibility for value added engineering, potential for pre-fabrication, and concerns for project safety.

Detailed plans incorporate all aspects of engineering, prefab, budget considerations, scheduling, and more. Changes discussed in earlier planning are also incorporated for a comprehensive approach to the project.

Milestones are reviewed throughout the project to ensure considerations for time, safety, and budget are continuously met. Project leaders meet regularly to optimize based on these reviews.