Doyle Electric exists to provide opportunities for each employee to maximize their personal and professional potential and to allow us to collectively make significant cultural and economic contributions to the communities in which we live and work.

Our values & philosophy guide each interaction between our customers and our employees.

Whether it is helping to raise the standard of healthcare, improving the gameday experience at Tiger Stadium, or participating on a construction team that builds a state-of-the-art facility to allow better service for children and adults who struggle with communication issues and autism, we take pride in our role as Baton Rouge, and south Louisiana, continues to move forward.

We are Committed To Excellence. These three words represent a philosophy, an approach, and an unrelenting attention to detail that shows in our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for the owner/end-user, general contractor, design team, vendor partners, subcontractors and, most importantly, our employees.


At Doyle Electric, there are four key principles that lie at the very core of our company:


    Doyle Electric upholds a commitment to EXCELLENCE in every endeavor; a commitment built on painstaking attention to detail and persistent communication and reflected in our superior quality of work and unparalleled customer service.


    Doyle Electric strives to provide a TEAM-ORIENTED atmosphere; one that promotes a positive attitude and encourages humble leadership and one that values each employee as an integral part of the Doyle Electric family.


    Doyle Electric embraces absolute INTEGRITY with employees, customers, end-users, consultants, and every individual with whom we encounter; we are morally and ethically bound to do the right thing even when the right thing is not the easy, convenient, or profitable thing.


    Doyle Electric maintains a MERITOCRACY; an environment that seeks to reward continual personal and professional self-improvement and requires unfiltered honesty with ourselves and with each other.

Doyle Electric, a team of 120+ strong, dedicated to upholding our commitment to excellence.


Passion. It is what drives our Commitment to Excellence.

It is what motivates our high expectations and it demands our painstaking attention to detail. But, our passion is not limited to making significant cultural and economic contributions to south Louisiana. More than anything, our passion stems from our desire to maximize our professional and personal potential. To provide for our families. To pursue our hobbies. To chase our dreams. To become the best version of ourselves. And every day at Doyle Electric we understand that the only way to achieve these goals is by working safely.

An emphasis on safety is imperative and engrained in the Doyle Electric culture. This is evidenced by our continuously improving OSHA recordable incident rate and EMR. Several tools and initiatives drive our success:

  • Unannounced, comprehensive 175-point inspection of each job site at least once a month.
  • Daily huddles discussing safety expectations and procedures & gather input from employees.
  • Weekly “toolbox talks” are created in-house to ensure relevancy for seasonal conditions and project status.
  • Identifying and implementing safety training & relevant safety discussions through a customized Job Hazard Analysis .
  • Specialty safety training courses offered to employees based on their job function.
  • Established project-specific incentive programs rewarding safe behavior on a monthly basis.
  • Executive & leadership weekly meetings discussing safety issues for projects and training requirements.

Our founders established Doyle Electric in 1978 out of a desire to provide dependable and reliable electrical construction services in the newly emerging merit shop market. Our current president, Bob Leitner, was one of the original three.

The founding owners anchored these concepts with a commitment to ethics that promised fair and just treatment of our clients and employees. Then as now, we understand that our employees are the key to excellent service and are our most vital resource. Currently, our focus is on the commercial construction market, specializing in healthcare construction — comprising 60% of our annual revenues.

Doyle Electric practices lean construction concepts through prefabrication, 3D pre-construction design and layout (BIM), weekly short-interval planning by field managers and monthly cost-to-complete projections by project managers.

These tools help us to provide superior workmanship, meet accelerated schedules, reduce on-site waste and potential safety. Most importantly, we take pride in always knowing the current status of every project.