Repairs, Small Projects, and Inspections

Here at Doyle Electric, our electrical services include:

        • Electrical system upgrades, replacements and rewiring
        • National Electrical Code updates and corrections
        • Lighting maintenance and upgrades
        • Exterior lighting and controls
        • Parking lot lighting and maintenance
        • Ballast and bulb replacement
        • LED Lighting design service and retrofits or upgrades
        • Emergency electrical service 
        • National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E Safety Audits
        • Circuit breaker or fuse replacements
        • Meter panel upgrades
        • Outlet and switch additions, replacements and relocations
        • Diagnosis and troubleshooting related to power quality issues
          • Premature failure of motors, lighting, VFDs, etc.
          • Grounding and bonding issues
        • Energy audits to determine peak facility load and incoming service voltage
        • Facility inspections for buyers and sellers based upon National Electrical Code requirements and NFPA 70E standards

Our Process is driven by three factors— schedule, safety and budget.

Planning and teamwork are crucial to getting every project started. Our team thoroughly reviews project specifics, evaluating the possibility for value added engineering, potential for pre-fabrication, and concerns for project safety.

Detailed plans incorporate all aspects of engineering, prefab, budget considerations, scheduling, and more. Changes discussed in earlier planning are also incorporated for a comprehensive approach to the project.

Milestones are reviewed throughout the project to ensure considerations for time, safety, and budget are continuously met. Project leaders meet regularly to optimize based on these reviews.

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