Design Assist

We work closely with stakeholders, designers, and decision makers to develop a detailed building technology model for coordination of materials and methods and carry this process through the project completion.

There are four (4) sacred principles that Doyle Electric embraces when part of a design-assist team:

  1. Excellent COMMUNICATION among the project team and with clients is critical to identifying and understanding client goals and offering value propositions.
  2. Design-assist projects allow the client to define different scopes and OPTIONS through the design cycle.
  3. COMPETITIVE budget pricing is solicited from qualified vendors and second-tier subs. This pricing is evaluated with the design team to allow for the most successful partnerships.
  4. TRUST among the project team allows for sharing transparent, detailed cost breakdowns, which leads to informed budget and design decisions.

Our Process is driven by three factors—
time management, safety and budget.

Planning and teamwork are crucial to getting every project started. Our team thoroughly reviews project specifics, evaluating the possibility for value added engineering, potential for pre-fabrication, and concerns for project safety.

Detailed plans incorporate all aspects of engineering, prefab, budget considerations, scheduling, and more. Changes discussed in earlier planning are also incorporated for a comprehensive approach to the project.

Milestones are reviewed throughout the project to ensure considerations for time, safety, and budget are continuously met. Project leaders meet regularly to optimize based on these reviews.

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