• Assembly
  • 2011

LSU Student Union Renovations and Additions

A complete renovation and 4-story addition was accomplished to the LSU Student Union and Union Theatre while the Union facility remained open. Underground bored 13.8 KV duct banks were utilized to bring 13.8 KV power from three blocks away to the Union. The Union had been fed by an antiquated 4.16 KV power system. An outdoor distribution yard was used to house the 13.8 switch, four power transformers and outdoor service switches. The infrastructure was installed during a 10-week period of time to allow for two weeks of shutdown during the Christmas holiday. During the two-week shutdown, all existing service equipment was removed and the new service was brought into the facility. Exterior service entrance busways were engineered to coordinate with the new equipment and were utilized to bring three services into the sub-grade mechanical/electrical equipment room. Excellent planning allowed this phase of the project to be completed ahead of schedule. The electrical systems incorporated into the Student Union include power, lighting, networked lighting control, generator life safety backup, fire alarm, sound, security, access control, communication and data wiring. In addition to these systems, the Union Theatre includes stage lighting and dimming, power to company switches, and a theatrical sound system.

Project Budget

$9,500,000 - $10,000,000

Team Leaders

Beau Leitner, President

Scott Bourque, Project Manager

Services Used

Design Assist


Baton Rouge, LA

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