NFPA 70E Maintenance and Compliance

OSHA standards. Regulatory compliance. NPFA 70E guidelines. Manufacturer’s recommendations. DoyleElectric is here to help your facility ensure a safe and reliable electrical system

We offer the following NFPA 70E and NFPA 70B-based electrical preventive maintenance, testing,training, and compliance programs:

Maintenance & Testing

        • Energized Testing
          • Infrared Thermography
          • Ultrasonic Inspection
          • Power Quality Analysis & Data Recording
        • De-Energized Testing
          • Contact Resistance
          • Insulation Resistance
          • Primary and Secondary Injection
          • Transformer Turns Ratio
          • Winding Resistance
      • Specialty Testing/Services
        • Oil Sampling
        • Panel Schedules
        • Fed By/Feeds (Riser Diagram Creation)
        • Arc Flash Studies
        • Line Isolation Monitor Testing (NFPA 99)
        • ATS/Generator Testing (Monthly and Annual) (NFPA 99)
        • Load Bank Testing (NFPA 99)
        • Receptacle Tension Testing (NFPA 99)

All preventive maintenance clients receive access to TEGGPro View, a proprietary digital asset management platform that simplifies regulatory compliance and allows for proactive management of your facility’s most valuable assets.


Doyle Electric hosts one and two-day NFPA 70E and 70B training seminars several times each year. These seminars are typically open to the public, although private seminars can be arranged to be held at your facility or off-site.


Work with our team to understand the intersection of OSHA and NFPA 70E standards and assess your facility’s compliance. Doyle Electric provides a no-cost initial audit of your existing preventive maintenance program and, through a 6-step process, can work with your team to achieve NFPA 70E compliance.

Request a FREE 6-point NFPA 70E Arc Flash Compliance checklist.

Our Process is driven by three factors—
schedule, safety and budget.

Planning and teamwork are crucial to getting every project started. Our team thoroughly reviews project specifics, evaluating the possibility for value added engineering, potential for pre-fabrication, and concerns for project safety.

Detailed plans incorporate all aspects of engineering, prefab, budget considerations, scheduling, and more. Changes discussed in earlier planning are also incorporated for a comprehensive approach to the project.

Milestones are reviewed throughout the project to ensure considerations for time, safety, and budget are continuously met. Project leaders meet regularly to optimize based on these reviews.

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