• Mission Critical
  • 2015

Entergy Essen Lane DOC

Renovations to existing facility that included a complete gutting and reconfiguring of the 1st floor as well as upgrades to the 1st floor mechanical and electrical system.
A new utility yard and generator were added to the exterior. The 2nd floor space remained in use throughout construction. Upgrades to the electrical system included (2) new utility transformers, (2) 1000A service disconnects, (1) 1000A bypass isolation open transition automatic transfer switch, (1) 1000A bypass isolation closed transition automatic transfer switch, (1) 1000A roll-up generator docking station, (2) 80KVA UPS systems, and (1) 1000kw diesel standby generator.

Project Budget

$1,500,000 - $2,000,000

Team Leaders

Scott Bourque, Project Manager


Services Used



Baton Rouge, LA

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